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Doctor, I Have a Problem! Jokes – 1

June 16, 2015
“Doctor, I can’t stop thinking I’m actually a dog.”
Doctor: “OK, come sit on this couch and lets discuss it.”
“But I’m not allowed up on the couch!”
“Doctor, I can’t seem to stop my hands from shaking all the time!”
Doctor: “Do you have a drinking problem?”
“I don’t think so – I usually spill half of it.”
“Doctor, I can’t help thinking I’m actually God.”
Doctor: “Interesting. When did this begin?”
“Well at first I created the sun and the moon….”
“Doctor, every time I drink coffee I get this pain in my eye…”
Doctor: “May I suggest removing the spoon first?”
“Doctor, are you sure this ointment will treat my spots?”
Doctor: “I try not to make rash promises.”

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