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Chuckle du jour

October 3, 2013
A hooded robber burst into a bank and, at gunpoint, forced the tellers to load their cash into a plain brown bag.
As the robber approached the door, one brave customer grabbed the hood and pulled it off, revealing the robber’s face.
Without a moment’s hesitation, the robber shot the customer.
He then looked around the bank and noticed one of the tellers looking
straight at him. The robber instantly shot & killed her also.
Everyone in the bank, by now horrified, stared down at the floor in
The robber yelled, “Well, did anyone else see my face?”
There was a long moment of dead silence in which everyone was terrified to speak.
Then, one old guy named Bernie cautiously raised his hand and said, “My wife got a pretty good look at you !”

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